Makeup: Too Much, or Too Little?

One of the biggest debates in makeup is how much to actually apply. Some people swear by heavily applying makeup, while others say that you should only use it to enhance your natural features.

Who’s correct?

My Opinion

I will admit that I am partial to the crowd that uses lots of makeup, however I have lived portions of my life only applying very light makeup, and using it to naturally enhance and contour my face.

I think the debate really comes down to personal preference. Some people love changing their face into whatever they aspire to be by heavily coating makeup on and enjoying the entire process. Others love to wake up, spent 30 seconds putting some foundation on, and get out into the world.

In addition to your personal preferences, your features do play a role in determining the amount of makeup you apply. Most people who have “natural beauty” are more comfortable with light amounts of makeup on, while those with less gifted features often spend more time in front of the mirror.

I will say that spending 30+ minutes on your makeup every day can get extremely tedious. It’s for the exact reason that I limit myself to 5 minutes of makeup every day. I know exactly what I can do in 5 minutes, and leave it to that so I don’t get carried away.

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