The Latest Trend – Custom Invitations

Sending invitations is something that’s been done for awhile, but there are a ton of new and fashionable ways to send out congratulations, baby shower invitations, birthday wishes, or happy thoughts to your friends and loved ones.

Only a decade or so ago the only way to send invitations was to either create a hand written card, or go to the local card or grocery store and pick out a card matching the occasion. Nowadays we have so many options it can seem overwhelming at times.

Here are some of the best ways I’ve found of sending out special greetings and thank you cards in today’s digital age.

  • Electronic Email Cards
  • URL/Link Cards
  • Custom Invitation Businesses
  • Local Store Cards
  • Candy Bar Notes and Wrappers

Electronic Email Cards and URL Cards

These cards are as you might expect- sent electronically. This means that there’s no dealing with mail, postage, writing, or any other physical process. The only think you need to do is pick a card and type a greeting. This card is then sent to the email address of the recipient you enter.

This is a quick and easy way to send someone a note, greeting, or thank you without spending a ton of time, money, or hassle.

The only downside of this method is it often doesn’t feel as personal as a hand written note.

URL cards are the same, the only difference is that instead of attaching an actual card to an email, you direct your recipient to a URL where your card is stored. This is not my favorite method, as it can often be viewed as lazy or insincere.

Custom Invitations

These are a great option for a momentous occasion that you don’t want to forget. There are many businesses out there that can design, create, and print custom invitations for you. These invitations often have custom art work that is special or meaningful to the recipient. It may be a portrait of them, a favorite memory, or anything else that signifies your love, care, or thanks for the recipient.

This is an awesome way to make your card seem personal and thoughtful.

Local Store Cards

I won’t spend a bunch of time on this one, since chances are you’ve already sent quite a few of these. These are the cards you can find at your local grocery store, they are a great option, and what I would consider middle ground in terms of cards.

Candy Bar Notes and Wrappers

This is by far my favorite option and one of the reasons for my post today. I’ve seen this trend start to take off and completely stand behind it. The concept is you send a message, greeting or, love note to a company who does this type of work. They then create a custom wrapper for your favorite (or your recipients favorite) candy bar. In my opinion this is an extremely thoughtful method of sending thoughts to a friend or loved one, and is something they probably have not seen before and will remember forever.


Overall, whatever greeting method you pick will most likely be cherished by your friend or loved one. Remember to put as much effort into the card as you put into your relationship, as these gifts and cards can last in memory forever.

Hopefully you found this list helpful, feel free to comment below and let me know what you think!